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Hourly Complex design service

What to do if your logo resolution is too low for printing If you only have a low resolution version of your logo you can email it through to us and we can create a vector file of your logo. This will solve all of your resolution problems and every designer and printer will be able to work with the file we create. Furthermore we also backup all files so if you ever lose it you can simply contact us and we’ll send it across to you again. This is only something you will need to do once – ever!
All logos vary in complexity so please send the logo file you have, explain the issue and any modernisation or change you require and we will send you a quote to recreate the logo file. It couldn’t be simpler!Our specialty is creating a fresh, professional, modern-yet-trendy logo to best represent your business, brand position, marketing strategy and be representative of your industry. Our experienced design team will work with you from logo concept, design, color and art direction, and then provide  you with a logo you can use for the next decade – or for the life of your business!